Walking Tour:- Historic Garrison and its museum – A military story

Barbados Museum, Garrison St Michael (0)
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Walking Tour of Historic Garrison and its museum – A Military Story

I was here to defend this gem of an island and it was nothing like what I would have expected as a solider.  My story is bitter sweet.  I want to tell you about the prison and the walk of shame. I want to tell you all about the services offered around the “Savannah”. Join me by the Barbados Museum and Historical Society. On this intriguing walking tour, I will show you the Garrison I lived in. The changes it has undergone. All the while paying homage to me by preserving my legacy. This tour is ideal for the historian, the curious visitor, the casual cruise visitor and anyone seeking to learn of the rich heritage that this UNESCO World Heritage Site have to offer.   Join me by pressing the BOOK NOW button.   See you at the Garrison.  “Left, Right, Left…… Eyes right.”

  • Be transposed back in time.
  • Hear the intriguing stories of how the first soldiers lived and worked.
  • See the best collection of publicly displayed cannons.
  • Hear about that famous visit of George Washington that just might have made an impact on history.
  • What do goats and this historic place have in common?
  • What about all those historic events that took place here?  Let us tell you about them.
  • Visit the Barbados Museum and Historical Society.
  • Experience comfort and leisure of all this information and more with the aid of audio equipment.

Things to note

Light snacks will be provided. You may bring your own headphones however earpieces will be available.

Comfortable walking shoes, and weather gear, just in case of a few drops of rain, is encouraged.

Starting Point : Barbados Museum and Historical Society
Assembly Time: 15 minutes before departure time



Saturday 9.30 - 12.30
Wednesday 9.30 - 12.30


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