YES!!! We are open and excited to welcome you on tour.  Our walking tours are mainly outdoors.  We use audio equipment that require headsets.  We provide disposable ones, but you are free to bring your own.

As at 25th May 2022, Masks for outdoor activities are optional.  (It is still mandatory for indoors and our walking tours do go indoors at some point).  

  Physical distancing from other parties while on tour, is suggested.  We encourage you to have hand sanitizers handy in case the need arise.

Gueston on walking tour of Bridgetown

We know that Barbados has a rich history and we want to share that with you.  Barbadians and visitors alike can take something away from our tour experiences.  You will learn about our people, our buildings, our events, our very being.  You will leave our tour excited by the experience and fall in love with Barbados, all over again.  Go ahead and visit our link for a variety of walking tours in Barbados. 

Virtual Tour Attendees

You have been dreaming of that visit to Barbados, or you are now no longer able to walk around.  However, you want the experience of being on tour and interacting with a live guide.  Then this tour is for you.  It is just one hour long and can be experienced in the comfort of anywhere in the world or home.

Local Guide with visitors on tour

These island tours bring us a great deal of joy, as we get to spend a longer period with you.  We take you to the places you want to go.  Be it to visit an area you were told about, or places we will suggest.  These private island tours are all about YOU.  We offer All Inclusive as well as Non Inclusive packages.  The only difference is, who pays for meals and entrance fees.  My engagement is always authentically yours.