Image of Deborah, main tour guide for Chattel House Audio Tours, specializing in historical and cultural tours.

Meet Deborah Grant: Your Cultural Compass to Barbados

Hello, I’m Deborah Grant – a Certified International Tour Director and your guide at Chattel House Audio Tours Inc. Escaping the corporate world, I’ve embarked on a journey to share the enchanting tales of my island home.

With a heart brimming with passion, I’ve woven my profound knowledge of Barbados into immersive historical, heritage, and cultural tours. Through Chattel House Audio Tours, my purpose is to unveil the soul of this paradise, going beyond its sun-kissed beaches.

A sojourn through Barbados is a rendezvous with its vibrant character. Let me be your cultural compass, leading you through a tapestry of stories that date back generations. The echoes of our ancestors resonate within us “Chatters,” a cadre of passionate tour guides whose stories intermingle with the island’s rich history.

It’s our joy and privilege to impart these narratives, creating a shared experience that bridges the past and present. The enchanting vistas and cobblestone pathways are but pages in the storybook of Barbados, and I’m here to reveal the chapters that define its essence.

As you embark on our tours, you’ll find that Barbados is more than just a destination – it’s an invitation to connect, learn, and embrace the vibrant culture that pulses through every corner. Get ready to embark on a journey that will enrich your heart and mind, one story at a time.

With excitement to share our world with you,

Image of tour guide Zachary P, leading historical walking tours in Bridgetown, Garrison, and Speightstown

Meet Zachary Pinder: Your Enthusiastic Storyteller

Hey there, I’m Zachary Pinder, your dedicated guide at Chattel House Audio Tours Inc. Currently pursuing a Management degree, I’m a 24-year-old with a passion for crafting narratives through various art forms. Whether it’s freezing moments with a camera, weaving verses, or sketching scenes, I find solace in creative expression.

Photography and videography are my allies in unraveling the tales hidden within Barbados’ streets. Beyond the lens, I’m drawn to the tranquility of the beach and the warmth of friends and family.

Tour guiding is more than a job; it’s my window to history. Sharing stories with you and witnessing your fascination is a thrill like no other. Each interaction enriches my understanding of the world and adds a new layer to my own history.

Barbados is a treasure trove of stories waiting to be discovered, and I’m on a perpetual quest to find and share them. Join me for an immersive journey where the past comes to life through my words, connecting us with the heart of this vibrant island.

Ready to explore together?

Image of tour guide Evan, leading historical walking tours in Bridgetown.

Introducing Evan McDonald: Illuminating Barbados’ Rich Heritage

Greetings, I’m Evan McDonald, your guide at Chattel House Audio Tours Inc. Holding a degree in Fine Art, my love for history seamlessly intertwines with my artistic soul. At 21, I’m captivated by the stories that have shaped humanity and inspire my creative expression.

When not absorbed in my artwork, I’m immersed in historical fiction and medieval fantasy, allowing me to experience bygone eras vividly. As we explore Barbados’ historical sites, I aim to unearth the human experiences etched into each landmark. Who were the individuals that walked these paths? How did they shape their lives?

Being a tour guide is an enriching experience, connecting past narratives with our guests’ backgrounds. It’s a reciprocal journey of discovery, where the threads of history bind us together. I’m excited to intertwine your story with Barbados’ vibrant tapestry, painting a living picture of the past and kindling connections that span time.

Looking forward to embarking on this expedition with you.

Image of tour guide Kristin from Chattel House Audio Tours, leading historical walking tours in Barbados.

Hi , I am Kristin Watkins

me and my father

My Journey with Daddy: Unveiling Barbados’ Treasures

In the embrace of my father’s wisdom, Chattel House Audio Tours Inc. found its roots. My beloved daddy, my guiding star, ignited the flame of curiosity within me, inspiring a world of boundless exploration.

Together, we embarked on ventures that painted the landscapes of our beautiful Barbados. His belief that nothing is beyond reach fueled our shared quest to uncover hidden gems. Our hearts danced through villages where corned beef met fiery pepper sauce, and we savored thick slices of cheese cutters at local bars.

Barbados became our canvas of discovery, and every experience etched memories that now shape the essence of our tours. The legacy of my daddy lives on as Chattel House Audio Tours, inviting you to join us in traversing the woven tapestry of history, heritage, and culture.

His spirit drives me to share the vivid hues and intricate brushstrokes that color our island. With every step you take, you’ll sense the presence of a father’s love, a shared dream, and an unyielding passion to unveil the heart of Barbados.

As I stand beside him in our photo, I’m reminded of his wisdom, the moments we cherished, and the journey that led to the creation of this company. It’s my privilege to extend his legacy by guiding you through the stories that make Barbados truly exceptional.

Together, let’s celebrate the influences that shape our paths and explore the island he helped me know and love.

In loving memory.

me and my granny

Nurtured by Granny’s Love: The Essence of Chattel House Audio Tours

In the tender embrace of my beloved granny, the foundation of Chattel House Audio Tours Inc. was laid. Her love, wisdom, and the flavors of her cherished dishes have intertwined with my journey, shaping a company that celebrates Barbados’ heritage.

Our bond was exceptional; she filled my world with warmth and joy. Her cou cou and okra sloosh, a culinary masterpiece, still tantalize my taste buds today. Each bite is a nostalgic reminder of our shared moments, where love was a secret ingredient.

Saturday mornings became our canvas of adventure. As we strolled through bustling markets, the promise of Comfort and delectable sugar cake was the sweet reward that enriched our experiences. Those moments weren’t just about shopping; they were about connection, heritage, and creating memories that linger in my heart.

In the photo of my dear granny and me, I see the embodiment of the values and traditions that shaped the essence of our tours. Through Chattel House Audio Tours, I aim to share the spirit of my granny with you – her joy, her flavors, and her unwavering love for Barbados.

Join me on a journey where her stories come alive through the rich tapestry of our island’s history, heritage, and culture. Let’s celebrate the legacy of a remarkable woman who inspired not just me, but an entire experience that invites you to savor the heart and soul of Barbados.

With gratitude and love.

Remembering Our Remarkable Guides: Cherishing Past Chatters

Tour Guide Riana-Rose Taitt

Hi, I am Riana-Rose Taitt.

I am a University of the West Indies student studying management with marketing.

I have been a CHAT tour guide from 2020 and have since, not only enjoyed my time giving tours, but also grew and developed my skills, learning how to add my uniqueness to the experience that CHAT to provides.

Barbados also has a lot to offer, and each guest has something about our island that they favor and enjoy the most. I try my best to ensure that they, not only see the most of these aspects, but also that they fall in love with all the intriguing content of the tours and journey we embark on together.

Riana-Rose continued with her education in 2021 and did not continue with us.   We wish her all the best.