Master Chatter

Hi, I am Deborah Grant.

I am a Certified International Tour Director and Tour Guide. I have traded the corporate world for the world of experiences. I love sharing my knowledge and my island home.

Chattel House Audio Tours (CHAT) Inc. was created to educate Barbadians and visitors to our island.   Our passion is to show all our friends and family, that we are more that sun sand and sea.   A tour of Barbados will endear you to the rich character of this little island. 

We, the Chatters, or you may know us in another place as Tour Guides, have our own stories to add to those of our ancestors, making us a unique experience. 

We are excited to meet you on our tours.

Our Friendly Chatter

Hi , I am Zachary Pinder

I’m a 21 year old university student doing a major in Management.  I like drawing, photography and writing poems. My interests are photography and videography. In my free time I like going to the beach, spending time with my friends and family.

 The reason I like tour-guiding is I’ve always been into history and sharing those stories with people and seeing their joy and fascination is always great.

 I’ve met so many different personalities and perspectives in life and their history as expanded my knowledge of the world and my own history. I’m always looking for a new story to hear so I can share ours.

Tour Guide Riana-Rose Taitt

Hi, I am Riana-Rose Taitt.

I am a University of the West Indies student studying management with marketing.

I have been a CHAT tour guide from 2020 and have since, not only enjoyed my time giving tours, but also grew and developed my skills, learning how to add my uniqueness to the experience that CHAT to provides.

Barbados also has a lot to offer, and each guest has something about our island that they favor and enjoy the most. I try my best to ensure that they, not only see the most of these aspects, but also that they fall in love with all the intriguing content of the tours and journey we embark on together.

Riana-Rose will be back with us in December 2021.

me and my father

Me and my daddy

My heart, my daddy.

He cultivated the curious side of my being.

Nothing is impossible, just explore.

Barbados became our place of discovery.

The villages with the corn beef covered in pepper sauce.

The bar case plastered with the thick slices of cheese from the cutters.

So much he exposed me too and I want to share it with you.

me and my granny

Me and my granny

My granny and I had a very special bond.

Her cou cou and okra sloosh remains my favorite food until this day.

Saturday mornings going to the market with the excitement of Comfort from the sugar cake vendor, was the “icing” on those trips.

I would love to share some of my granny with you.