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Virtual Tour:- A Black History Perspective

Online Platform
Online platform


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Brief History

Nothing will stop you from participating in the life experiences of the people of African decent who walked the streets of Bridgetown.

It does not matter if you are unable to travel to Barbados, or you are unable to walk the streets of Bridgetown.   You may even be planning your short visit or relocating under our Welcome Stamp Visa Program.  We are here to share our stories and the only thing you will miss is the weather and the walking.    Our stories are just as engaging online as they are in person.   The journey takes you from the arrival from the motherland, to the return or to the crafting of our future in our newland, all in one hour.

Whether you are a local, or you live in distant lands, you can participate in our tours.

Tour Description

  • BridgetownThe arrival of the British and our named town
  • The arrival of the Jews and the Africans
  • The enslaved and freed Africans using their skills for their liberation
  • The start of the Trade Union Movement
  • Learn of those that should be National Heros or not
  • From Barbados to Liberia

Things to note

This is an online experience using the Zoom meeting platform.

Sign On Time: 5 minutes before start time

Thank You! This was fun!

Morgan - 28th February 2021

Virtual was amazing and I know in person will be even better! When things open up, we’re definitely doing a tour for Blackpats. Can’t wait!!

Jamila - 28th February 2021

Thanks so much for this, Deby. It’s been a lovely experience. And it’s been fun sharing with you all! Thank you!

Sandy - 28th March 2021

Thank you for an incredible tour Ms Deby!

Candace - 28th March 2021